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Sk8 Projects

Photographing skateboarding is hard. I had no clue as to how hard when I first started. When you don't know the names of the tricks or how they are supposed to look it makes it even harder.  (Although, I have to wonder if it is even harder if you are a skateboarder. Would you be thinking "I can do that"? Or "I wish I could do that."? ) The action on the board means sometimes having to put yourself in spots that may be a little dangerous. I have had more than a few rogue boards come in my direction, some making impact. But as long as it isn't my face, I guess I won't complain! You never know what a skateboarder is going to do and sometimes they even change it up as they do it. I have learned to expect the unexpected and that sometimes what my idea for a great shot and what makes a great shot for a skateboarder are two different ideas. Always trust the skateboarder and what their vision for the shot is. If they think they can do it better, they will most d

What Elephant?

Trying to focus on photography and art and improving my life is a balance. Add to that a global pandemic and it is so hard most days. I don't like talking about Covid because everyone seems to have an opinion on vaccinations and transmissions and numbers. Quite honestly, everyone is a scientist these days. But Covid is always the elephant in the room that we can't seem to ignore. Everyone is an expert.

I had Covid and almost died from it. I have never been so sick in my entire life. It was bad. Really bad. Like the worst you can imagine multiplied by about a million. No one will ever understand it. It was like being in a war. I have to process as best as I can and even someone who has been through it as well will process it very differently. There were people I reached out to that literally ignored me. That is something I will never get past.

At the beginning of the pandemic everything got shut down. Well, except for my job because healthcare does not stop...EVER.  I used that as an opportunity to go out and explore the abandoned spots since people were staying home and I needed time out to think and clear my head. I was not going to make my own soap or suddenly become a gardener. This was my escape.

These are a few photos I took during that time. No people were out at all. Not even around the spots where I normally see people hanging out. It was like I was the only person left on the Earth. It was nice and it was creepy at the same time.

Maybe it was a sign that I have to walk some paths alone and figure stuff out for myself. Maybe it was showing me that I can get through anything, that I can go into the darkness and find my way back to the light. Every day I am walking closer and closer to the light and letting the darkness fade behind me. I trust the Universe and myself to guide me home.