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Sk8 Projects

Photographing skateboarding is hard. I had no clue as to how hard when I first started. When you don't know the names of the tricks or how they are supposed to look it makes it even harder.  (Although, I have to wonder if it is even harder if you are a skateboarder. Would you be thinking "I can do that"? Or "I wish I could do that."? ) The action on the board means sometimes having to put yourself in spots that may be a little dangerous. I have had more than a few rogue boards come in my direction, some making impact. But as long as it isn't my face, I guess I won't complain! You never know what a skateboarder is going to do and sometimes they even change it up as they do it. I have learned to expect the unexpected and that sometimes what my idea for a great shot and what makes a great shot for a skateboarder are two different ideas. Always trust the skateboarder and what their vision for the shot is. If they think they can do it better, they will most d

Vintage {Obsessed}

Vintage pieces are always in style to me. Posters, jewelry, clothing, books, furniture, etc. Some people never understood why I loved vintage. There is nothing quite like going to a "junk" store and finding something that really speaks to you.

I used to love going through my grandmother's jewelry box, her desk or any place that might have some treasures to look at. As a child, I would drag out my mom's photo albums and ask her about her teenage years. The clothes and hairstyles and the cool jewelry she wore all painted this lovely picture of her life and who she was long before I met her.

All of these things offer and escape from today, it is like sitting down and watching a black and white movie, but being able to be there and be a part of it. When I try on clothing from those eras I feel like I could have been there and totally rocked that outfit. Through trying things on your discover a lot about your body and what makes you feel good. The 70's clothing does not make me feel good or look good!

I have dresses from the 40's and some costume jewelry too and even a velvet cape from the late 1800's. I have a few dresses from the 1950's and a few pieces of jewelry as well.

Through all of these vintage fixations I discovered my true love is the 1920's. I have a long velvet coat from the 20's, a few dresses and some jewelry and those pieces make my heart skip a few beats. While I love the modern conveniences, such as air conditioning, there just doesn't seem to be a way for any other time to compete with my love for the 1920's. Although I have added a few modern things, like wearing a mask. But even then I added a vintage 1920's clip on earring to jazz it up a bit.