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Sk8 Projects

Photographing skateboarding is hard. I had no clue as to how hard when I first started. When you don't know the names of the tricks or how they are supposed to look it makes it even harder.  (Although, I have to wonder if it is even harder if you are a skateboarder. Would you be thinking "I can do that"? Or "I wish I could do that."? ) The action on the board means sometimes having to put yourself in spots that may be a little dangerous. I have had more than a few rogue boards come in my direction, some making impact. But as long as it isn't my face, I guess I won't complain! You never know what a skateboarder is going to do and sometimes they even change it up as they do it. I have learned to expect the unexpected and that sometimes what my idea for a great shot and what makes a great shot for a skateboarder are two different ideas. Always trust the skateboarder and what their vision for the shot is. If they think they can do it better, they will most d

Life is Beautiful

If you know me in real life, you would know that I have been dealing with a lot recently. Blindsided by a person I trusted and lied about by someone I have zero intention of ever knowing. People choose sides whether they admit it to themselves or not. If you overhear an argument you always are choosing a side, even when you don't have all the facts.

The person I trusted loves to talk about FACTS. But not facts when it pertains to him and the things he has done. Then he is more than happy to lift up a rug and sweep his dirty little secrets right under it. The difference between us is that the FACTS of everything I have done are sitting on top of that rug on full display for everyone to see. I am not hiding, not avoiding, not lying or even omitting my Truth.

As for the person who lied about me, he constantly tells me "you don't know this person". Well, this person didn't know me and chose to lie about me. So YES, I do know this person. I know this person has questionable morals. I know this person uses people. I know this person has zero accountability for the things they do or say. I know this person can deflect blame. I know this person is just a shitty human being trying to be something they are not.

When you walk in your Truth and you own your life, you can create something beautiful. I am finding the beauty in the people around me and finding Truth in my life. Clearly, neither of them know what Truth is and they can just sit and wonder which one of them is lying next. Karmic consequences from those lies are theirs to reap, not mine.

I am walking in Truth. I am bathing in Truth. I am owning my Truth. Life is beautiful because I no longer have that extra baggage from my old life dragging me down. I am finally free to be me. I am not missing out on a single experience. I am taking chances and creating the life I want surrounded by the Truth and Love!

"I know some things that you don't
I've done things that you won't
There's nothing like a trail of blood
To find your way back home
I was waiting for my hearse
What came next was so much worse
It took a funeral to make me feel alive
Just open your eyes, just open your eyes
And see that life is beautiful"
(Sixx A.M.)