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Sk8 Projects

Photographing skateboarding is hard. I had no clue as to how hard when I first started. When you don't know the names of the tricks or how they are supposed to look it makes it even harder.  (Although, I have to wonder if it is even harder if you are a skateboarder. Would you be thinking "I can do that"? Or "I wish I could do that."? ) The action on the board means sometimes having to put yourself in spots that may be a little dangerous. I have had more than a few rogue boards come in my direction, some making impact. But as long as it isn't my face, I guess I won't complain! You never know what a skateboarder is going to do and sometimes they even change it up as they do it. I have learned to expect the unexpected and that sometimes what my idea for a great shot and what makes a great shot for a skateboarder are two different ideas. Always trust the skateboarder and what their vision for the shot is. If they think they can do it better, they will most d

Just a Hint of Memphis

Memphis will always hold a special place in my heart. It is where I met my friends Tony and Cyndi. It is where my best friend Dee Dee and I listened to some amazing bands and had some phenomenal times. It is the place where I lost my Mom. It is the place that has given me so much joy and so much heartbreak. 

The thing about Memphis is that no matter where you go there is no place like it. People say it is like a smaller version of NOLA, but it is so different from NOLA, St. Louis and everywhere else. Elvis Presley loved Memphis and all it gave him. His house still stands and people visit it every day. Memphis made him and icon and he made Memphis one too.

Some days when I am there I forget about the past parts of it and focus on the here and now. I visit spots that I went to before and see it with fresh eyes. 

When I was a kid we went on trips and we all wanted to stay at the places with the cool pools. That guitar shaped pool definitely would have been one we wanted to stay at then! The water was cold, but it doesn't mean I didn't dip my toes in it!

Graceland Guest House


Central BBQ

A guitar shaped pool!

Writes and Wrongs

Beale Street