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Sk8 Projects

Photographing skateboarding is hard. I had no clue as to how hard when I first started. When you don't know the names of the tricks or how they are supposed to look it makes it even harder.  (Although, I have to wonder if it is even harder if you are a skateboarder. Would you be thinking "I can do that"? Or "I wish I could do that."? ) The action on the board means sometimes having to put yourself in spots that may be a little dangerous. I have had more than a few rogue boards come in my direction, some making impact. But as long as it isn't my face, I guess I won't complain! You never know what a skateboarder is going to do and sometimes they even change it up as they do it. I have learned to expect the unexpected and that sometimes what my idea for a great shot and what makes a great shot for a skateboarder are two different ideas. Always trust the skateboarder and what their vision for the shot is. If they think they can do it better, they will most d

Where You Need to Be

Quite honestly, growing up in a small town with all of the drama surrounding my dad was hard. It was like living in a bubble. And not a rich Kardashian lifestyle kind of bubble. It was sad, lonely and I always felt a little like I didn't even belong in my own life.

I thought that would change when I grew up and got married and had kids and a family.

But when you marry someone who doesn't deal with problems or just wants to sweep things under the rug things build up. The walls crack. The foundation crumbles. And then one betrayal can just level it all.

I waited for things to be fixed. I waited to see a change.

But it never came.

When someone betrays you in the worst way possible and responds with "Get over it" it becomes just the worst place to be.

Slowly, over time, I am figuring out where I need to be. What my life needs to have in it for it to be a good one. What things I am willing to deal with and what things are just absolute deal breakers.

Where I need to be is safe and loved. And if you can't offer me a foundation to build on then you are already a decayed, falling to pieces kind of place and I can't be there anymore. If you let someone lie about me and you do not defend me then you are as bad as the liar. If you are the person lying to me then I know you don't respect me.  

I know my worth. I know who I am. Am I perfect? NO. I will never claim to be. But I am not a pretentious liar claiming to be so perfect on social media either acting like I can be someone's life coach when I am a shit show of a human being. I am a flawed person who has made mistakes. I have faults and scars and issues. 

I own it all. Every single little bit.

If your goal is to poison my friends, family and children into disliking me then you are human garbage. I don't care who you are or how long you have been in my life.

You don't like me? Get over it. 

"Some steps need to be taken alone. It’s the only way to really figure out where you need to be." ~ Mandy Hale